How do I set up local fields to display, be searchable, and link in Primo VE?


The Metadata Standards and Policies Working Group has identified local fields and where they should live on Bib records in Alma. Local fields will show in Primo VE for the campus that created them, but will not display at other SUNY campuses. 

Create the local field:

  • Go to Configuration>Discovery>Display Configuration>Manage display and local fields
  • Click Add field > Add local field
  • The Define a Local Field screen opens
    1. Field to edit: [pick a field that isn't already in use]
    2. Display label: [Type Local Notes]
    3. Enable field for search: [Check the box to allow local notes be be searchable]
    4. Enable field for facets: [Only check if you want a Local Notes facet]
    5. Click Add MARC21 Fields
      • Search for the local notes fields to be added, such as 59X SUNY local fields 
        • If you cannot select the field it may be used in another defined field
      • Click Add
      • Repeat step 5 for each local field to be included in the local field
  • If you want to apply norm rules to your field, click Edit from the ellipses of "MARC21 normalization rule for display"
  • Edit the display norm rule to include all 5XXs included in Local Notes 
    • The example below is the display norm rules to display 590 and 599
  • Click Save
  • Click Save

Creating a Local Field in Configuration so Local Notes can display in the full record in Primo VE


Editing the local notes display norm rules


Add the field to your full display:

  • Discovery>Configure Views>edit your view>go to Full Record Services tab
  • Click the ellipsis next to "details" to configure
  • Select "Add Field," select "Add Field" again on the popup window and choose Local Subject.  Once done you'll see this screen:

add local field

  • Click Done and you'll see the new field at the bottom of the display.  Use the arrows to reorder/move the field:

Reorder field

The field is now searchable:

Local Field Example

Make the field linkable:

  • Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Hypertext Linking Definitions
  • Add a new row for Local Subject

add new row


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