How do I create an NZ Export from OCLC Connexion and Record Manager?


OCLC Connexion Client Settings:

To create an OCLC export to Alma's NZ in the OCLC Connexion Client:

  • Open the OCLC Connexion Client
  • Click Tools>Options
  • Click on the Export tab
  • Click Create
    set up export profile
  • Click on the OCLC Gateway Export radio button
  • Click OK
    OCLC gateway export
  • The OCLC Gateway Export - Local System Settings screen opens
    • Host Name:
    • Port: 5500
    • Timeout: 90
    • Retries: 0 (zero)
    • Delay: 0 (zero)
    • Click on the Send Local System Login ID and Password checkbox
    • Login ID: 01SUNY_NETWORK
    • Password: [contact the SUNY Library Services for password]
  • Click Ok
    local system settings
  • Export Destination screen opens
    • Edit the Export Destination name to something identifiable (Gateway Export: SUNY NZ Export)
  • Click Ok
    set up name for export



  • To use the OCLC NZ Export you must choose the SUNY NZ Gateway Export and apply it before exporting.
  • After exporting a bib record from OCLC Connexion Client to the NZ, you'll receive a message that says "The record has been processed successfully, MMS id is ... (ending with 4801)

OCLC Connexion Web Browser Settings:

The connection information for the Connexion Web Browser are the same as listed above for the Client. However, you enter them under General->Admin->Export Options. 

  • Flagged Bibliographic Record Format: MARC
  • Export Destination: Export to a TCP/IP Connection
  • Export File Type: Individual

Note that you can only have one export in the web client. It is recommended if you have more than one web client login to dedicate one login to the NZ export and one login for the IZ export.

OCLC Record Manager

The connection information for Record Manager are the same as listed above for the Connexion Client. 

To set up the export:

  • Go to your Worldshare login page
  • Click on the Metadata tab
  • Click on Record Manager. Contact OCLC support or fill out the request form if you don't have a Metadata tab or if you don't see the Record Manager option. It's free for anyone with a cataloging subscription.
    record manager
  • Under User Preferences, go to Exporting – Bibliographic Records
  • Select MARC21 with UTF-8 Unicode
  • Set up SUNY NZ export under TCP/IP tab, like Web Connexion, you can only set up one export, not two separate ones for an IZ export and an NZ export
  • Save button is at the top of the page:
    record manager export
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