How do I edit the "No Results Found" page in Primo VE?


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Technion University's 2018 Primo VE Usability document explains how to edit the No Records Found page in Primo VE:

Go to the Error Messages Labels Table in Config>Discovery>Display Configuration>Labels and either search by the code that you want to change, by the description of the code that you're seeing in Primo, or go to the Error Messages Labels table.

Once inside the table, here are the lines that control the page:

  • nui.noresults.title = The title of the No Records Found box, usually something like No Records Found. Technion changed theirs to Sorry! and added html code around it to change the color: <font color="#CE0F69">Sorry!</font>
  • nui.noresults.description = Description of issue, default is There are no results matching your search "  ", Technion changed it to: There are no results matching your search "{term}}".</br>Try our dedicated search engine for articles; book chapters; standards; patents and more...</br><a href="}}&lang=en" onmouseover='"none"'> <button class="md-raised md-button md-ink-ripple" type="button" ng-transclude="" aria-label="Search articles" style='margin-left:0;margin-right:0; background-color: #FDD54A; font-size: 14px;'>Articles & More</button> </a>  
  • You can add more content to the suggestions fields (suggestions2-4), or you can hide them as Technion chose to do with <tech class="tec_hide">suggestions3</tech> Note: you'll need to make sure that you have a tec_hide class in your css that tells anything with that code not to display: 

    .tec_hide {  
        display: none;  
  • If you find code on the page by using the inspect tool in your browser, and that code, starting with nui, isn't included in your table, you can manually add it or ask Ex Libris to add it for you. You add it at the top right of the table by clicking on Add Row. 

Jill Locascio demoed her No Results Found page during her lighting round presentation at SUNYLA 2021. She later posted about how she set up her suggestion to redo the search in Google Scholar:

In Alma:
Config>Discovery>Labels>Error Messages>nui.noresults.description

In that field - after whatever else is there and anything you would like to add, just put this HTML <a href="{{term}}" target="_blank">Check Google Scholar.</a>

Nancy Babb from University at Buffalo reports that they've:

found a more flexible solution by using javascript (the Primo VE custom.js file) to generate the “no results” page instead of the Error Messages Labels. This alternative is documented in Sarah Zum’s development “primo-explore-custom-no-results” at, also available in Primo Studio (Custom text and link to PCI when no search results, Hook: prm-no-search-result-after - Add custom text and an option to expand results to PCI when no records retrieved).

All we had to do was add the code to the custom.js file and hide the default md-card in the css file. We also opted to revise all the “suggestion…” fields in the existing table to “NOT_DEFINED”, although I’m not sure that’s really necessary. One notable difference is that in the table the search term is specified as {{term}} but in the javascript it is {{$ctrl.getSearchTerm()}}.

Since this generates a “no results” page at the view rather than system level, you can adapt the “no results” message to the specific view. This is more work, but ultimately I think will be very helpful, especially as the Zero Result Searches reports help us identify common user errors related to specific views (such as searching for articles in Journal search). We haven’t implemented this in Production yet as we work out each view, but we have it in our Sandbox (different tabs are different views: Everything, Catalog, Journals, Reserve). 


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