How do I create a deep link to another library or library system, like CUNY?


The following instructions are for SUNY institutions.

Why set up a deep link?
Configuring a deep link to something like CUNY’s Shared Catalog (Network Zone) will allow you to include physical items held by the CUNY system in your Primo search results, in order to make them available for Interlibrary Loan requests.

Things to bear in mind:

  • Each institution may set up only one deep link for Primo. Meaning that if you set up CUNY as a deep link, you wouldn't be able to add another institution or consortia in the future.
  • Resource sharing with CUNY will work whether or not you set up a deep link to the CUNY catalog. The deep link is not a requirement. Requests will go to CUNY campuses based on your rotas, not your Primo configuration.
  • If you already have Worldcat set up as a search scope, you may not need a separate CUNY scope, as the CUNY titles will be included in the Worldcat search.
  • If you add the CUNY deep search to your default Everything search, it has the potential to overwhelm your local results, similar to the result behavior that you see when you add the NZ to your Everything search.

Required Role: Discovery-Admin

Configuration Steps:

  1. Go to Configuration>Discovery>Search Configuration>Search Profiles
  2. Click on the Other Indexes tab, click the Add Other Index link, and then Deep Search link
  3. Enter the following values into the Scope Details and Remote Environment Details section:
    • Code: CUNY
    • Name: CUNY Network Zone
    • Description: CUNY Network Zone
    • Environment:
    • Institution Code: 01CUNY_NETWORK
    • Display Name: CUNY System
      cuny deep link settings
  4. Click the Save button
  5. Click the Search Profiles tab and then click the Add Search Profile link
  6. Enter the following values into the Search Profile section:
    • Code: CUNY
    • Display Name: CUNY Network Zone
    • Description: Items available from CUNY
  7. Click the Add Scope link, change the Select Scope Type value to “Other Indexes,” select the CUNY deep link you configured in steps 1-4, click the Add and Close button, and then click the Save button:
    cuny search profile
  8. Go to Configuration>Discovery>Display Configuration>Configure Views
  9. Click the ellipses next to the Primo view you would like to add the CUNY deep link to and then click Edit
  10. Click on the Search Profile Slots tab and then click the Add a Slot link
  11. Enter the following values in the Define Slot section:
    • Code: CUNY_NZ
    • Name: CUNY [note: this is the name that will appear to your users in Primo, so use whatever name you feel is best]
    • Description: CUNY Network Zone
  12. In the Select Search Profiles for Slot section, toggle on the Active button for the CUNY deep link, and then click the Save button
  13. Use the up and down arrows to move the CUNY search slot to where you want it to display in your list of search slots
  14. Repeat steps 9 - 13 if you would like to add the CUNY deep link to multiple Primo views
  15. You may also add the CUNY profile to an already established profile like your Everything search, but that may impact search results for that profile.
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