How do I create an IZ OCLC export for Alma?


To create an OCLC Institutional Zone Gateway Export:

  1. Create an IZ OCLC integration profile in Alma
  2. Create and IZ Alma Gateway Export in Connexion Client or Record Manager

Step 1: Create an IZ OCLC integration profile in Alma

  • Go to Configuration>General>External Systems>Integration Profiles
  • Click Add Integration Profile
  • Integration Profile screen opens
    • Code: [add an identifiable code]
    • Name: [name the integration profile] 

integration profile

  • Type: OCLC Connexion. When you select this a configuration checkbox appears above the code
  • Uncheck use network zone
    integration profile
  • Description: [optional, but useful]
  • Click Next
  • Format: Target Format: MARC21 Bibliographic
  • Normalization: Correct the data using: [The NZ normalization rules can be applied to your IZ import profile. Please see instructions on how to create and IZ normalization rule from the NZ normalization rule]
  • Validation: Check the data using MARCXML Bib Metadata Editing on Save
  • Match:
    • Serial match method: Unique OCLC Identifier Match Method
    • Non Serial match method: Unique OCLC Identifier Match Method
    • Merge method: Overlay all fields but local
    • Do not override/merge a record with lower brief version: [keep unchecked]
    • Do not override/merge record with an older version: [keep disabled]
  • Management Tags: Publish Bibliographic records, unless you do not want the records to publish to OCLC upon import, then choose Don’t Publish
  • Authorization: Password: [it can be anything, remember this because it will be used in the OCLC IZ gateway export you create in step 2]
  • Click Save

second page of profile

Step 2: Create and IZ Alma Gateway Export in Connexion Client or Record Manager

In OCLC Connexion Client:

  • Login to OCLC Connexion Client
  • Go to Tools>Options
  • Click on the Export tab
  • Click Create
    create export profile
  • Click on the OCLC Gateway Export radio button
  • Click Ok
    click ok
  • Host Name: (### = the 3 letter campus code for Alma)
  • Port: 5500
  • Timeout: 0 Retries: 0 Delays: 0
  • Click in the Send Local System Login ID and Password
  • Username: 01SUNY_### (### = the 3 letter campus code for Alma)
  • Password: [password from the OCLC IZ integration import created in step 1]
  • Click Ok
    local system settings
  • Rename the Export Destination Name to something clear to distinguish it from the NZ export
  • Click OK
    export destination
  • To use the IZ export, click on the IZ export (highlighted blue)
  • Click Apply
    apply destination
  • Click Close
  • Export bib record to the IZ
  • If successful, the OCLC Gateway Export Status appears with your IZ MMS ID


In OCLC Record Manager:

Note that you can only have one export in Record Manager. It is recommended if you have more than one login to dedicate one login to the NZ export and one login for the IZ export.

The export settings are same for the Record Manager as they are for the the OCLC Connexion client, as listed above.

To set up the export:

  • Go to your Worldshare login page
  • Click on the Metadata tab
  • Click on Record Manager. Contact OCLC support or fill out the request form if you don't have a Metadata tab or if you don't see the Record Manager option. It's free for anyone with a cataloging subscription.
    record manager
  • Under User Preferences, go to Exporting – Bibliographic Records
  • Select MARC21 with UTF-8 Unicode
  • Set up SUNY IZ export under TCP/IP tab; like Connexion, you can only set up one export, not two separate ones for an IZ export and an NZ export
  • Save button is at the top of the page:

Screenshot of Record Manager settings





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